March 2019

Richard Samuel Wanderman of Warren, CT died March 2, 2019 at Danbury Hospital. Born in Hicksville, NY, Richard completed an MFA at University of Oregon where he later taught art and design. A man of varied interests, Richard successfully pursued careers in art, technology and education. He was an avid outdoorsman and maintained sections of the Appalachian Trail with Connecticut AMC and Mass AMC. He is survived by his wife, Anne Latham Wanderman, two stepdaughters: Jessica Darling and Bonnie Darling and granddaughter, Erin Shea. A gathering to celebrate his life will be planned for the spring.

The immediate family wishes to acknowledge the outpouring of support and love from the wider family and a cornucopia of wonderful friends. As you followed Richard through his illness and many setbacks, your emails and texts were a constant flow of love and support. Every one of them was read to him. We cried. We laughed. We mourned. Many of you gave freely of time, energy, and substantial help. Richard was surprised and then deeply moved by your responses to his illness. A gathering to celebrate his contributions to our lives will be planned for the spring.

Family and friends will be grateful for the sharing of your sentiments and stories here on this blog.


  1. I am a recent follower to this blog. My deepest condolences to the family. I wish I could offer more in tribute except to say that I had looked forward to more posts.

  2. So sorry to hear this. I’ve enjoyed reading Richard’s blog for years. The photos he shared reflected his varied interests and he came across as a kind and thoughtful person. Deepest condolences to his family.

  3. My deepest condolences to all my only regret was never actually meeting Richard I’m sure he was someone I’d have gotten on with especially well. I loved our message / email and picture exchange I will miss him

  4. Dear Joy,

    Thank you so much for keeping me and many others apprised of Richard’s condition, treatment and final passing. It helped me feel that I was in touch with him. Thank you also for your years of friendship to him.

    I never met anyone that was as comfortable being with people as Richard. That was apparent in the many workshops of his I attended. Starting with Closing the Gap and then TRLD in the ‘90s and early 2000’s, first in Minneapolis and then in San Francisco, and finally the ones he gave here in St. Louis when I worked as a technology specialist for the St. Louis Special School District. He was at ease with folks. At one of the times he came into St. Louis to present he was greeted with a huge snowstorm and ended up spending the night at my house. What a time we had geeking out on a, then, brand new Mac Powerbook!. He also got to know my son Andrew then, a person with multiple disabilities and a big love for the Three Stooges. Richard had lots to tell about the Stooges, being a big fan himself. It turns out that Richard’s dad played golf with Moe Howard out in LA (did you know that?). He also sent Andrew a bunch of Stooges books, photos, and the like. Over the years Richard always asked about Andrew when we talked. I also contributed to RichardsNotes over the years and we had a lot of fun with that as well. He was a people person, the best kind.

    I loved and admired him and he taught me a lot about a lot of things: computers, disabilities, and cameras and photography, to name a few of the interests we had in common. He convinced me to buy a Canon 5D full frame DSLR 10 years ago, a camera I still use. He also taught me about friendship, listening, generosity and humbleness, lessons will always need and remember. I will miss him and always remember him very fondly.

    Attached is a photo of him at the Apple Store (new at the time) in San Francisco, 2002. What a hoot seeing him with those early digital cameras, just toys compared to what we have now. But everything changes and time changes everything, as they say. Some things don’t change, like what a great person Richard was.

    Thanks again,

    Scott James

  5. Dear Anne and family, I’m so sorry to hear this news. Richard was a kind friend back in my days of Flickr and blogging and I enjoyed the posts he shared here. Take care.

  6. I am so sorry to hear this sad news; Richard was an old friend from the early Mac days who reconnected with me over photography a decade or so ago. He was a wonderful soul, a kind advocate, and a warm voice after the passing of my first wife.

    My deepest condolences to all, and, as one of our dear departed friends used to day, may memories of him be a blessing to you always.

    rick lepage

  7. Anne and family….this is such sad news. I am so grateful that Richard became part of my life. Words cannot convey what he brought into my world. Much love, hugs, thoughts and prayers to you all.

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