Curated Posts

This site has been around a while and if you don’t dig around in the archives you might miss some of my more interesting posts. Here are a few to get started with, and this list will change over time so check back as you think of it.

This list was updated on Friday, February 23, 2018.

I follow these photographers on Flickr and they’ve produced a consistently interesting body of work over time.

Alper is a photographer in Istanbul, Turkey who’s taken incredible street and landscape images the world over.

Pete Huu
Pete is a photographer in Helsinki, Finland who, among other things shoots stunning long-exposure, fisheye land and seascapes.

Chris Schroeer-Heiermann
Chris is an architect in Cologne, Germany. Excellent architectural photography with a point and shoot camera.

Chai Chandontrikij
Chai does a variety of photography with a variety of cameras in Bangkok, Thailand.

Gary Koutsoubis
Gary is a world traveler and has posted mostly landscapes from various corners of the world.

eses moto
eses moto is an incredible Tokyo street photographer. Very high quality images shot with a variety of cameras.

Kevin Bjorke
Kevin Bjork’s use of motion blur in his San Francisco street photography is incredible.

Bill Eaton
Bill Eaton is a skilled bird photographer who has one of the best collections of bird photography on Flickr.

Liping Yang
Liping Yang is an excellent street photographer in Beijing, China who shoots with a variety of small cameras.

Darek Meyer
Darek is a street photographer working in Asia. Brilliant, edgy work, mostly done with Ricoh GR in monochrome.

rosemary* is one of my oldest and dearest Flickr contacts. I’ve followed her work for over ten years and it’s some of the finest work on Flickr. She’s the queen of shallow depth of field flower images with beautiful bokeh.

Toshihiro Oshima
Tommy Oshima is another of my long-time Flickr contacts. His work in Japan is some of the finest photography on Flickr, consistently high quality and interesting.

Jack David Hubbell
My posts on the photographic work of an outstanding and edgy Omaha street photographer.

Helena Normark
My posts on the photographic work of an excellent Norwegian photographer.

Maciej Dakowicz
My posts on the photographic work of an excellent Polish photographer who shoots primarily in India.

Gary Sharp
My posts on the photographic work of one of my oldest friends (note, some of the images are shot by me of him).

Stan Yoshinobu
My posts on the photographic work of one of Stan Yoshinobu: California landscapes including Yosemite, coastal dunes and more. Brilliant work.

Lalie Sorbet
My posts on the photographic work of Lalie Sorbet, a French photographer living in India.

Joel Suganth
My posts on the photographic work of Joel Suganth, a brilliant street photographer in Chennai, India.

Tatsuo Suzuki
My posts on the photographic work of Tatsuo Suzuki, a brilliant street photographer in Tokyo, Japan.

Ioannis Lelakis
My posts on the photographic work of Ioannis Lelakis, a photographer living in Eidsberg, Norway.

My posts on the photographic work of Pascal, a photographer living in Annecy, France.

Tags of interest
This site uses lots of tags and from time to time as a set of posts with a particular tag looks interesting I’ll post a direct link to it here.

A variety of animators using a variety of animation techniques.

We use Apple products and track them closely. Posts on Apple, Inc, Macintosh, MacBook Pro, Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad, iOS, and more.

Ricoh GR
Images (mine and others’) taken with the Ricoh GR compact camera.

Sony RX1
Images taken with the Sony RX1 full frame compact camera.

Sony RX100
Images taken with the Sony RX100 compact camera.

Sony RX100 II
Images taken with the Sony RX100 II compact camera.

Sony RX100 III
Images taken with the Sony RX100 III compact camera.

Fuji X100
Images taken with the Fuji X100 compact camera.

Fuji X100S
Images taken with the Fuji X100S compact camera.

Fuji X100F
Images taken with the Fuji X100F compact camera.

Sony A7
Images taken with the Sony A7 camera with a variety of lenses.

Billboard Portrait
Street images of people in front of billboards or other graphical elements that create interesting juxtapositions.

Puddle reflections
A variety of reflection images shot in puddles, mostly in cities.

Aerial Photography
My photographs from planes as well as others’. Kite photography and videos documenting aerial still photography.

What can I say, many photographers (including me) enjoy shooting flowers.

Everyday Objects
Everyday objects photographed in interesting ways by a variety of photographers.

Images that show a particular quality of the area not in focus (Bokeh on wikipedia).

Images of leaves, mostly flat macros by me but also a variety of shots of leaves by others.

My images of ice, shot in winter on hikes in New England as well as a few ice images by others.

Getty Center
My images of The Getty Center in Los Angeles. This was an eight year project that led to a show of fine art architectural photography.

iPhone Photography
Photographs taken with iPhones by a variety of people with and without auxiliary apps (like Instagram and Hipstamatic).

Photographs of people doing yoga as well as a few other kinds of posts on yoga.

Collections of quotes by interesting people like Mark Twain, Groucho Marx, and many others. Fun to browse through and you can take what you like.

Reviews and opinion
Reviews and commentary have time value so do make note of the date of the post.

The Ricoh GR is a Stealth Camera
My take on the Ricoh GR, one of the most interesting and capable compact cameras I’ve ever used.

Epson 3880 First Impressions
I do fine art printing, both notecards and framed prints and I bought this printer in 2011 for a show I had coming up. I’m still using it and liking it in 2014 and Epson is still making it. These were my first impressions.

Flickr Explore
First posted in 2007, this is my take on how social networking affects the creative process. Since it was posted numerous social sites have been born: Facebook, Instagram, and more. I think this still has relevancy.

Over the years I’ve posted a few autobiographical stories (more coming), some with collections of images.

Thinking About the Lost Arrow
The first of a three part story about my then girlfriend, Faye and me climbing the Lost Arrow Spire in Yosemite Valley in 1976.

Remembering Royal Robbins
A remembrance of one of the fathers of modern rock climbing, Royal Robins, who had a profound effect on my climbing and my life.

It really is a small world
India has over a billion people in it. Warren, Connecticut (where I live) has 1300 people in it. I can’t say more without blowing the surprise of this story but I don’t think you’ll be sorry you read it.

One person’s path to literacy
How becoming an artist, a climber, and a VW mechanic helped me become a reader and a writer.

A Climbing Story
Posted in 2004, a story about my rock climbing experience in Eugene, Oregon and Yosemite, California. A fun read.

Remembering Warren Harding
Remembering a pioneering rock climber in Yosemite Valley.

Rooster Rock, Julia King, and a climbing trip that changed my life
A climbing trip that changed my life with the person who introduced me to computers.

My First Date
A fun piece of humiliating autobiography, written on a dare from my younger stepdaughter in 1991.

The Bee
A story about one of my many HyperCard stacks that made the big time.

Irving’s Pool Table
“The basement’s dampness eventually overtook the table and time eventually overtook both my father and Irving and once the house is gone all that will be left will be a story.” This is that story.

Irving’s Tally-Ho Playing Cards
“For me, the cards represent numerous games that Irving tried to teach me as a kid and which I could not get and so, could not play. Sometimes I’d run out of the sun room crying feeling so stupid that I didn’t get the simplest card games and Irving’s wife, Hope would march in and give him hell for making me cry. He never meant to and he never tried to intimidate anyone, let alone a little kid.”


    1. Oliver, thank you very much for digging around. This is one of the liabilities of posting back dated things when many folks are tracking new posts only, some not on the site but via RSS only or via WordPress’ “reader.”

      Anyway, I’ve been adding to this page as a way to help people explore older content, or, all content based on tags.

      Thanks again for poking around and please know that some older posts need some formatting work as they broke when I switched to this newer theme.

      Lastly, thank you for reading (English) here and I only wish I knew German so I could take in more of what you’re posting.

  1. Your curated posts is a great idea. I moved from Blogger over to WordPress in April of last year, and had a miserable time with it. The pre-migration content has been chopped down to a fraction of its former size, but it still gives me fits when working with it. I think I’ll just winnow the old posts down to an even smaller “curated” number and call it a day.

    Thanks for the idea, and you have excellent work here.

    1. MItch: I had to move your comment, you had replied to my reply to Oliver and I think you meant to just post a comment at the top level. Unfortunately when I moved it my gravatar stuck to it. Sorry.

      Thanks for commenting here and know that I’ll be happy to help you with your site in any way that I can.

      I created this curated posts page because the options for a decent archives area in this particular theme are terrible, as they seem to be in many of the wordpress themes that one gets with a hosted account.

      I had much better options for archives when I was self-hosting but I really do not want to go back to that.

      At some point I’d like to get rid of the entire footer area and just have a tab or a few tabs at the top of the site for search and archives but I’ve not figured out how to do that within this theme. It may be impossible without modifying the theme, which I could do but I’d rather not as that makes upgrades from the theme author awkward.

      When I moved from my self-hosted site I had over 6000 posts and this version of wordpress will not import that much content, so, I did it in stages. I still have about 3000 posts in a private hosted site to move over here. Well, not all of it will get moved but maybe half as I cull through it when I make time for it.

      I’m hoping to have that done in a year or two.

      Good luck with your site and know that I’m following along…

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