street photography

Inside Out

French photographer JR who I posted about in 2008 with his Women are Heroes Project has since received a TED Prize and gone on to a new project called “Inside Out” which the video above documents.

I’m curious about the printing process: it’s very fast, low resolution monochrome, and on thin paper. It would be fun to have a printer like that to make wrapping paper.

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Downtown _9260023

My flickr contact Keith Goldstein took this picture of a crumpled piece of paper on a sidewalk in Manhattan (NY) with a face on it.

For me, what’s great about this image is that it’s probably an advertisement but the face is a real person with a story (even the ad has a story) and here it is on a discarded piece of paper on the ground in a city where most people will step over it (or on it). That face is a real person with a life, even if she’s a model for an ad agency. The fact that the wall and sidewalk are grimy and that the paper is white helps the effect of a face peering through a wormhole in time.

I’m not really sure what makes all of this work for me but it does.


Bedford Ave

A young Hasidic boy reading a magazine on Bedford, Avenue. Note the payot (pronounced “payos” the Hebrew word for sidecurl).

My flickr contact Roy Savoy took these great images of Hasidic Jews in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York with his Ricoh GR II.

Bedford Ave

Two Hasidic boys on their bike with another reality in the background. Brilliant image.

Williamsburg Brooklyn

A confab of Hasidic men, two on cell phones.


Two Hasidic men, one with an amazing hat.