Flickr member jeromekerome1 shot this nicely out of focus image in what looks like Times Square, New York with his Fuji X100S.

*Jonne: note the round bokeh balls. My less than round bokeh balls the other day must have been caused by distance/aperture. As you say, the lens has enough blades in it to make round bokeh balls.

Oak leaf in lava foam

Oak leaf in lava foam

Race Brook Falls Trail, Southwest Massachusetts.

This eddy current of foam was right at the bottom of the trail at the first Race Brook crossing, just after a small bit of turbulence. It was the most amazing piece of foam I’ve ever seen and I took numerous pictures as the leaf spun around, caught in the the eddy current.

Even though this image was done with the Ricoh GR’s high contrast black and white filter, this foam really did look like lava, it was unusual and fascinating and if we hadn’t been on our way further up the trail I’d have stood there for a lot longer watching it change form.

Schaghticoke Ridge waterworks


New York, Connecticut border south of Kent, Connecticut.

Dave and I hiked from Bull’s Bridge north along the Appalachian Trail along Schaghticoke Ridge with this small stream as our destination.

The water was running because of snow melt and there were small waterfalls, foam eddy currents, and lots of bubbles. The Ricoh GR did some interesting things with the bubbles so I’m posting a few of them.